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Review: She Is Not Invisible

She Is Not Invisible - Marcus Sedgwick

I love books with adventure. I especially love books that integrate real life situations. Like a blind girl off to find her father who is in trouble.


Plot: This is about a girl who is blind. She received an suspicious emails about her fathers whereabouts. When her mother refuses to do anything about it, Laureth takes off on her on. Into a country to has never even been in to save her father. I found this plot particularly interesting because of the all the obstacle Laureth faces. She faces such scrutiny and weirdness from others around her that it is hard to not reach my hand in the story and slap people. Certainly this plot has it moments where you are in awe of what this girls can “see” even with her disability. She is able to do more things than even others can not.


Fate/Coincidence: In the story, Larueth father’s is heavenly into “coincidence’s.” He is the type of person that believes everything happens for a reason. That there is somehow, someway a way everyone is connect but some force. He is off on this adventure when things go wrong or shall I say, fate or coincidence takes its place. By some mysterious coincidence force, Laureth is able to locate her father by simple reading his notebook of notes (which even I could not figure out) and putting the pieces together. Really, it amazing how everything just seem to fit.


Ending: Whether it was a coincidence or not, I think this story tells us a lot about Laureth and that is, she is not invisible. Regardless of her sight, she made changes, adventure, outcomes without the help of no one. She connected pieces, traveled to another country with her little brother in tow, and made it. SHE MADE IT!! And that people is simply amazing.


This is pretty good book. I really love the interaction that Laureth faces both good and bad on her adventure. She certainly learns more about herself that I think she ever imagined. She Is Not Invisible is great tale of adventure and life.

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