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Review: Killer Frost

Killer Frost  - Jennifer Estep

I know this may sound strange but whenever I get attached to a series that I LOVE it can take me up to months to finish the last book. As soon as the book hits my hands I will leave it on the shelf with my stomach FULL of anxiety. Literally.  My mind entertains the thought of just having the guts of picking up the book and reading it. Seriously, I avoided this book purposely. I love this series. I just couldn’t bear the thought of it ending. Not to mention I was super nervous.


Plot: This story picks up where the last book left off. Gwen has grown tremendously since the start of the series and is ready for a fight. This fight is one that has been brewing since the beginning so you can imagine how hard my heart was beating. The plot moved at a medium pace. Things would go slow and then speed up. At times, I thought, “This is it. The big show-down.” And then nothing. And then once it did hit the big fight I was totally unprepared for it! LOL!!


Friendship/Love: Even though in the beginning Gwen kept to herself, over the course of the series she has made some pretty great friends. These friends are loyal and some of the best friends you can find. Not to mention her hottie spartan boyfriend who makes me swoon every time he enters the page. *SWOON* In all seriousness, her friends and Spartan are awesome. They are her rock and keep her going.


Ending: The ending is so bittersweet yet it ended perfectly. Gwen has face her greatest opponent and came out on top. Though not without sacrifices. At first, I was scared but it turned out okay. *Glares at author for heart attacked given* (J/K) I love it. The ending is fitting. I’m sad that it is over.


This is an excellent series!! If you have not read it, you should. I honestly think this series is one of those “rare gems” that deserves more praise and promotion. In the midst of chaos, Killer Frost provides great action and entertainment. Gritty yet satisfying, Killer Frost is an enjoyable ride that you need to read.

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