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Review: Alienated

Alienated - Melissa Landers

Alright so, I read the book. And my first thought after I finished it. I want more. It’s good but certain areas lacked for me.


Plot: This is about a girl who had been hand picked as a host for an exchange program with the Aliens. Cara does her best to welcome the alien but of course, with things unknown, people are afraid. There are plenty of events that are leading to more action, lots of teenage angst and even a war.


Aliens: First off, I want to say that the idea of the story is intriguing. What is really going on behind the scenes, intrigues me even more. As the reader gets more time in Aelyx’s shoes and learn who he is, I got anxious as the story moved on. There are lots of secrets in which hold Aelyx where he is. He is determined to stick to the plan but other things come into play. Like his feelings…


What I didn’t like is the plot did move a a bit slow in the beginning. There was a lot of foundation building to the story that the reader must know before the plot could move on. History of the earth, getting to know Aliens and Cara’s life leading up to now.


Bulling: There is lots of this going on. The bullying that is added in the story makes the story come to life. The reader sees the hurt and painful relationships that Cara and her family go through. There are threats, job losses, canceled events all cause people don’t want to be around the Aelyx yet they want to know. Threats escalated to more threats till there was a full on war. I think this aspect of the story can be portrayed in real life. People go through so much being judge yet people want in their business. At least, that is the way I saw it.


Love: In the end, it was love that conquered all. They decided that despite what everyone else thought, they were doing this together. And that made me smile. I like that once every secret was out, they fought to be by each other’s side no matter the cost. It was love and family that change Aelyx’s mind. He saw the dimension and solace that it brings and fell into it unaware.


Overall, I think that this is a pretty good book. I would love to read the second book to see where the characters are going. An excellent start in a series that portrays emotions at its fullest, Alienated is great.

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