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Review: Secret

Secret - Brigid Kemmerer

Continuing on with this series, I got the next book cause I was excited to read it.


Plot: The story picks up where it left off and once again the reader is off for an adventure. This time were in Nick shoe’s and his life is getting a bit complicated at the moment. The reader also see’s more into the brothers and what they are doing in their life. The plot moves pretty fast pace. There are lots of things happening. The lying, sneaking around and constants fights, it keeps the reader sited in the story.


Love: Nick is having a hard time with his sexual identity. As the reader, I can see how hard it is for him. He has held this secret for such a long time and even let one of his good friends carry the burden makes it harder for him. I like that the reader gets a good insight on his struggles to find himself. He goes back and forth so many times that when he finally comes out, it’s like a relief.


Ending: Of course even though ending is good, I know that this story is far from over. Other things are popping up and I can’t wait to read a big final battle. It’s seems like now that the series is well into the story, I can see the build nicely to a grand ending. (At least that is what I’m expecting.)


Overall, this is a good book! I really enjoyed it and watching the brothers interact. If you have not read this series, you should check it out.

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