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Review: Maybe One Day

Maybe One Day - Melissa Kantor

I picked up this book wanting an emotional read. It was as I expected but certain parts stand out to me, especially the letter.


Plot: This story is about a young girl who best friend gets cancer. In the middle of all of this, instead of saving Olivia, Zoe finds herself. The thing with this plot is that is does move rather fast. One minute Olivia is at the doctor and the next, she is in the hospital getting treatment. The story never wavers far from their friendship, but the reader can see them get close, fall apart and then come together as best friends again.


Friendship/Love: My only beef is the friendship. It felt like Zoe is not her own person. She relies on Olivia for everything. Every decision she makes is based on Olivia. Will Livy like this? Will she be mad? etc. Those parts got me a little miffed in being that she can never do anything without Olivia. It was like, who was Zoe? Olivia on the other hand, I got a clear picture of. She is a strong-headed gal and is pretty clear about her thoughts/emotions while Zoe held them in. The whole love interest did pave way for the Zoe to become herself without Olivia. Once Zoe started seeing the guy, she started questioning everything and suddenly did things for herself.


Ending: The letter in the ending is very touching, I admit my eyes teared up because that letter really tied in the whole story. Life sucks sometimes.


This is a good book. I really did expect more from the story but  it did quite well overall. If you are looking for that emotional read to amp up your emotions, then read this one. Maybe One day is a great story.

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