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Review: Darkly Beings

Darkly Beings - Sugar Skull Books

Since being introduce to this author last year, I heard about his book and had to read it. I love her other books and was sure that I like this one as well.


Plot: This plot gives the feel of an southern gothic story similar to Beautiful Creatures. There is plenty of folklore, superstitions and of course dark magic being at play. The only thing is, the beginning part of the book was really slow being that there is a lot of foundation build up. Lots of past history much be explained so that the reader can understand what is happening now. With that said, as I continued forward into the story is gradually got better. I really like the past history. It involves the church as well as dark magic just brooding to get out. It kept me entertained till the very last page.


Love: With dark magic at play, you know the love interest is going to be quite difficult. At first, I didn’t understand Natalie indifference to Wyatt. She was so cold and just alone. But as things began to more forward and more was revealed I got it. If anything, this little part made it much for exciting for me. Their relationship is going to be a fight that will either make them or break them.


Ending: The ending is great! It leaves off with plenty to go on for another book or the author could just leave it a mystery. Personally, if there is an second book I would totally pick it up.


 Overall, this is a fantastic book. Filled with non-stop action, magic and a love that is strong, Darkly Beings is an upstanding read. Focusing on folklore and bringing legends of the past to life with a creative plot, anyone who likes magic will enjoy this story. Achieving a realistic feel with great effective elements, Darkly Beings is great.

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