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Review: Strength

Strength - Carrie Butler

I enjoyed this book so much, that the moment I was done with it, I immediately went to Amazon and purchase the next book.


Plot: This plot really grabbed me. You have this guy who is isolated and strange. Everyone thinks he is a freak when really more is going on than what we see. I adore how the plot moved with the reader, pushing me along every bread crumb. Every chapter intrigued me more and only a quarter way through, I was ready to zoom through the book! There are plenty of plot twist and a evil struggle for power, so it kept me pretty entertained.


Love: I Love this LOVE!!! I like that this couple overcame a lot of trials. They went through social stigma, rumors and friends constantly on their case about their relationship. Yet, it blooms as at great pace starting with friendship to a love that I can bask in. Their day to day life is pretty normal except a few supernatural aspects going on...


Supernatural: I like that this is a small but big part of their life. I want to say exactly what it is but think of it this way. It's like a human but just a bit stronger. I like the back round history of where the powers come from. Anywhoo, its great! I totally read through this story super fast.


I love this story. I think it carries plenty of great elements without it being too much. Everything is balanced out well and of course has a great love interest that I could not get enough of it. An unexpected journey that I loved, Strength steps out from the pages, tantalizing the reader. The emotions are strong with supernatural elements that keep you at the edge of your seat. With the title living up to the story, do you have the strength to go on? Strength is a sharp start to an excellent series!

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