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Review: Dead Set

Dead Set - Richard Kadrey

I picked up this book being how different the plot seemed. It certainly drew my attention.


Plot: What if you lost a loved one and was able to see their life through a record that held their soul? What would you give to have one more chance to talk to them? This plot is really good and holds the reader well. I enjoyed getting caught in able to see the loved one once more. Of course in a world where this is able to happen, there is a price. A price that could cost Zoe her life.


Friendship/Family: This story captures a lot about family and friends. The grieving process is hard for Zoe and her mother. Zoe  is mostly confined to herself. She does have a few friends who really get to know her. These characters play important parts in Zoe's life in learning important life lessons and learning to let go. They also help her in her time of need and helps Zoe understand her mother. I adore that Zoe is very involved with her  mother. Though it may not seem like it at first, but they hold on to each other for comfort.


Ending: I felt like the ending was very fitting and well executed. I really enjoyed the story till the last page. The fighting for life at the end made my heart race!!


This is a great story of sacrificing anything to have that one last chance. Delivering a heart-racing story that is enticing, Dead Set is great.

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