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Review: ICONS

Icons - Margaret Stohl

Plot: I’m going to honest and admit that this plot really confused me in the beginning. It took me a while to get into the story and understand where it was coming from and where it was going. Lots of elements within the story are explained, so the reader must keep on reading in order to grasp the entire picture. And while I understand the meaning of this, it made me frustrated that I could never figure out what is happening. It wasn’t until mid-way through the book that I finally started to understand. It’s not that the plot isn’t good, it just that the way that the story is told, you have to really pay attention.


Friendship/Love: This area I felt is develop well with the childhood friendship. It made sense that they would work but…enter love triangle. Boo. The love interest began to frustrate me because while in the beginning this girl knew who she loved and then all of a sudden she is confused. It’s like chick, you either know or you don’t. Geesh.


Ending: For me, the ending is quite good with lots of foreshadowing events. I like that it gives the reader that umph to read the next book. I like to read the next book cause I’m anxious to see what will happen.


Overall, this book is good. I think it could have been a better read for me, had things been explained a little more. It does take a while to settle into the story, but once your in, the story takes off. ICONS is good.

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