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Review: The Chaos Of Stars

The Chaos of Stars - Kiersten White

Another element I love to read in book is mythology is God and Goddess. I think the whole theory is fascinating! When an author takes the books and throws a twist in there, I can’t wait to read it.


Plot: What would you do if your parents were Gods? I think that be pretty cool. I really enjoyed getting into this plot and learning everything about them.The main character, Isadora is quite the gal. She is strong yet wants to be independent. Be her own person instead of who she is called to be. The daughter of a god, destined to die mortal and worship her parents.  Each chapter lead up to growth of Isadore and her becoming who she wants to be. She learns more about herself and others around her. She begins to think differently.


Love: I think that this is the coolest part ever! It is so neat how well this author pieced the entire story together using stars. I loved watching this friendship grow into more. Watching these two characters let down their guard and trust on another is a bog step. I think they both have characteristics that each can learn from. Still, I think the way this particular element of stars is super cool.


Drama: Not only does this book have good use of stars but it also pertains lots of drama between the Gods. I mean, duh? How can you not. The struggle for power and worship is fierce in the book leading for some good action and plot twists.


Overall, I love this book! It was a quick, easy read that I divulge instantly.  The plot is simple yet contains so much in characters and plot. Held together with beautifully written tales of power and betrayal, The Chaos Of Star is awesome.

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