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Review: Dinner With A Vampire

Dinner with a Vampire - Abigail Gibbs

Going into this book I was a bit skeptical. This story has gotten lots of mixed reviews. And well, I certainly felt like there is an appeal to it but other parts of the book just rubbed me the wrong way.


Plot: I want to talk about what I did like in the story. I liked the plot. I loved the idea of dark heroines chosen for destiny that is far beyond them. The alone captured me enough to read through the story. Every chapter reveals more about the prophecy and what is to come. I’m excited to see what each heroine has to offer and they are destined to do.


Love: Now this is the part that bugged me. I’m all for falling for bad boys but this guy was just um…out here. The girl gets kidnapped and then treated horribly. Well, she could have been treated worse , still there are certain circumstance and issue that I didn’t really like. Like the fact that Kaspar is just really mean and bitter towards Violet. They argue a lot and play cruel tricks on each other. I guess you can say that is there way of flirting. To me, it seems a little childish. Like Violet is on a school playground and Kaspar comes along and pushes her into the mud. Points and laugh. But that is his way of showing he likes her. You know what I mean? There is a lot of that going on in the story that I couldn’t really invest in this love. There are many arguments and unexpected plot turns that it felt like the loved is rush. I guess you can say there is more focus on the world around them rather the on them.


Ending: The ending of the book wraps up the story well. I liked how well every secret of the prophecy is revealed and how everything came together. I’m interested in reading the next book cause I would like to see what the prophecy says next.


Overall, this is an okay book. The plot definitely has a pull of a dark world with magnificent secrets hiding. With an exciting conclusion, Dinner With A Vampire is pleasing.

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