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Review: The Fallout

The Fallout - S.A. Bodeen

Following the first book, I immediately picked up the book to see where it would go next.


Plot: So if you read the first book, keep on reading. If not, go and read it. So, this story picks up where the last one left off.  The family is out of the compound and trying to live a normal life. They are trying to get away from the cameras and the constant non-stop people looking for interviews and questions. Not to mention, they are back with their family that was left behind and well, things are changing up. I really adore this plot and how real it felt. As the reader, you feel the need to just run. Your finally free and you can do what you want. Instead, you traded one prison for another. Cooped up in a house, stalling, waiting for it to all end. Every chapter had a great build up to the next chapter, making for an very interesting read.


Family: Family once again, plays a big role. Eli and his family and reunited with his twin and grandma. Getting the family into consistent state of living is very hard. Eli’s twin is not taking to well the attention. He also doesn’t like that the rest of the family talks bad about his dad. I think the author did a great job in capturing both sides of the story.  You feel the struggle of the families trying to merge yet they are very separate because of the experience they went through.


Love: Despite all the family drama, Eli manages to find someone worth his time.  This girl is someone normal who gets who he is.  Their relationship isn’t really specified but they do have their moments in which you want more of.

Ending: Once again, the reader is given one heck of an ending. It really grabs the reader’s attention. Just when you think it is all over…BAM! It’s back and even more crazy then before.


Nerve-wrecking and thrilling, The Fallout is an great sequel. It shows both sides of the story very well. A game-changer that is wonderful executed, The Fallout is awesome.

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