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Review: The Goddess Test

The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter

I loved this book! The way it was told with Greek mythology had me intrigued and hooked all at the same time. In fact, as soon as I started the book, I refused to put it down.

Ms. Carter’s world that she has written is to die for!! Alright I admit it. I am all for dark, cute, boys who need the guidance of a innocence girl to help them be who they are. I fell in love with Henry as soon as I met him. He was not at all what they said he was but something more. Kate is amazing character who brought out the best in him. She gave him hope and strength where he could not find it. She brought light and happiness to his life and made him smile.


Their relationship is one I liked watching because you saw both of them let down their guards and be with each other. The love that Ms. Carter written will last me a lifetime. The plot intertwined with Greek mythology is super awesome! I always loved learning about Greek mythology in school, so books with this stuff in it makes me giddy. The way Ms. Carter describe all the gods with a modern theme was good. I enjoyed learning about the gods and goddesses. I especially enjoyed learning more about Henry and his past.


As a reader, you watch all the pieces of Henry’s story come together, you are drawn into his life and see things through his eyes. Ms. Carter did a great job describing his world, his feelings, his every being. I even liked seeing him angry. The fire in his eyes is simply fantastic!


If you want to read a great Greek mythology story with a hurt, dark man, read this book. I can guarantee that once you start this book, you will not want to finish it.

There was sex (not fully describe just enough to know what happen) and some cursing.

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