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Review: Witchstruck

Witchstruck - Victoria Lamb

Reading books in this trying time has always fascinates me. I adore the richness of this world created and what it could bring to the reader.


Plot: This is a historical fiction with a bit of fantasy. A young lady named Meg is a witch and has to hide it. She is also under the advisement of a future queen Elizabeth who is facing political struggles as well. Each chapter fully engages the reader in the world, characters and different elements of fantasy. The intensity of how they live to extreme people, the astonishing weight of the overall story really brings me in deeper. I’m super excited to read the next book already.


Love: With all the drama surrounding political wars and family, I loved that this character has her moments as well. She meets this guy, Alejandro, who happens to be a Spanish priest in training. The moments that they get to have gives the story something more to look forward to. The ending of the book leaves me excited and anxious to see where this relationship will go.


Political: As I have mention before, this story does a great job in capturing friendships along with lots of political and power struggles. Even though Meg is dear friends with Elizabeth, Elizabeth herself is under pressure to act accordingly. Everything she does is under careful eye of her older sister and queen. Seeing how everything is dealt in court with vast proportions of emotions like anger and blame, the world is on Elizabeth’s shoulder. She must prove herself or cease everything that has to do with the throne. Talk about pressure!


An intriguing read that is faithful to the era, Witchstruck is an success. With amazing elements, it feels like you are actually in the story. A riveting story of love and magic, Witchstruck is awesome!

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