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Review: Unthinkable

Unthinkable - Nancy Werlin

I read Impossible before I was a blogger and really loved the book. The idea of curse, handed down from generation to generation only to be broken by crazy, impossible tasks. When  I stepped back into this world to find yet another curse in act, I couldn’t wait to see how this story will go.


Plot: While in Impossible,  Lucy has to conquer impossible task. Fenella on the other hand has to destroy. I think  this plot is really active and engaging. Immediately I was able to be in Fenella shoes and hear her pleas for freedom. Like her, I would do anything to have peace. Every chapter moved with against time to do harm on the ones she loves.


Love: Never in the beginning of the book did I think Fenella would have a love interest. The plot itself in breaking the curse, is interesting enough. Though this love is like the icing on the cake. This love interest held me cause it went deeper than what is on the surface. The connection with fae and watching them fall in love yet destroy everything in front of them has got to be insane. Yet it happen right before my eyes with such attraction that I could not stop reading.


TOO nice Fae: My only beef is….Since when do Fae do nice? I felt like even though they were tricky enough, they still acted a little too nice for my liking. I know Fae to be tricky and crude. They just seemed like they wanted to help Fenella. And that didn’t really make sense to me.


Overall, this is a fantastic story. It held my interest and kept me entertained throughout the entire story. It riled up my feelings and gave me hope.  Unthinkable is an sensational effective tale of destroying what you love yet finding the truth. A work of mythological creatures and great writing, Unthinkable is an great experience.

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