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Review: The Truth About You and Me

The Truth About You and Me - Amanda Grace, Mandy Hubbard

Every time I see these stories on t.v., everyone’s reaction is,” What a sick ***!” or ” That guy should be neutered.” You know what I think? I think that the girl should get in just in much trouble as the guy. Why? Well, girls now and days act, dress and look much older than what they really are. They make fake Face Book profiles claiming to be older, luring older guys and BAM. The guys gets arrested. Is that fair? No. I go to mall and I see the way girls act. Wearing short skirts, high heel shoes, and LOTS of make up on. And of course every guy she walks by, turns his head. Yes, even older ones. Do they know that she is only 16 years old? By the way that she is dressing? No, of course not. This story entails what I always thought of. What if the girl knew exactly what she is doing? And the guy is innocent after all?


Plot: I really like that a story like this is told. As I said, I always thought about why girls do the things that they do to get older men’s attention. In this story Madelyn is smart. So smart that at 16 years old she is taking college course on campus. You would never suspect that she is only 16. Through the plot, Madelyn tells her tale of what happen and why she didn’t stop it. She explains every action and even took the blame.


Relationship: In a different time and different place, and of course once Madelyn is of age, Bennett and Madelyn could have been a great couple. They gave each other ease and peace. Taking joy in laughter and in adventure. Since that is not the case, I feel bad for Bennett. This guy was dupe by a girl who lied OVER and OVER again. She had plenty of chances (she even says so herself) to stop it. To say,”I’m 16 years old.”  Did she? No. She continued down this road of destruction knowing fully well that it was wrong.


Ending: She took the blame. I’m glad that she owned up to her actions. Even though she is only 16 years old, she knew better. Although, on the other hand I don’t think at 16 she fully understands her actions.  So I can see where her logic is slipping. Still, she ruined everything for Bennett. His life, his career, his everything. Everything ruin.


Overall, this is a very good book portraying a different point of view that most don’t see. It captures the essence that 16 year old knows right from wrong, yet acting on actions that they don’t fully understand.  The Truth About You & Me is gripping and original.  Irresistible and dramatized for a perfect read, The Truth About You & Me is solid.

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