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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!


Shade - Jeri Smith-Ready Aura is not your normal girl, her birthday has a whole lot more meaning to it. Her boyfriend plays a great set and is looking to be signed. Since it was her birthday and a great day for the band, she decides to finally lose her V to him. But being a guy, he insteads did some drugs which allowed him to um....how can I say it, not be able to do it. He feels guilty and goes to the bathroom to try to um...well you know. Anyways, he ends up dying from all the drugs in his system. This is the start of an adventure in which Aura finds out her life is all that she thought it could be.In this world they had something called the Shift. A certain point in time in which something cause something in the world to allow people to see ghost. If you were born after a certain day, you can see ghosts. If you were born before you can't. The have boxes all over place catching ghost and sending them away. Aura can see Logan ghost and he is angry. Instead of moving on he hangs around making it difficult for his family and for her to move on knowing that he is till there.Aura meets Zachery.A handsome young boy who has a connection with her. She is the first and he is the last.Their friendship and recent connection bring down the government on them.This book was a great adventure. I loved the plot and the connections. Jeri did a great job building everything between these two. I love the major connection between them. The romance between them was great. The drama was another great point as well. Mostly this story is different from most ghost stories. It not the same ghost haunting. Instead they use ghost to help solve murders, etc. Even the way the government involved was a great twist in the story.Jeri did a great job writing this. I was engrossed in reading this that it didn't even take me more than a couple of hours to read it. Her story and the way that she wrote it had me hook from the beginning. If you want a completely different type of ghost story with great drama and real characters, read this.