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Beyond the Grave (Past Midnight, #3)

Beyond the Grave (Past Midnight, #3) - Mara Purnhagen I wish I can say that I liked this book more, but I didn't. I have been following this series from the very beginning. And while the first two books I enjoyed immensely, I felt like this book did nothing but repeat itself. Another haunting, more dealing with drama with friends, and boyfriend drama. I was hoping that I get more different element in this book. I still love the paranormal aspect to it but of course wanted something new added as well.What I liked most about this book are the characters. The main character, Charlotte has come a long way from where she started. She is much more confident in herself and her abilities. She no longer hides in the shadow of her sister. I loved how strong she is and does not give up. She knows what she wants and goes for it. Though you do see her slide a bit, but it makes her characters much more approachable.The plot of this book is my only gripe. I do like how the reader got to see more of the Watcher and great paranormal aspect. I was just tired of seeing the same fight. You know what I mean? I hoped for a bigger or better fight. Something different in it. I also enjoyed the great family dynamic in it. This family has been through it all. They manged to stick together and not give up.A great paranormal book with great characters, you want to read this book! If have started this series or have followed it from the beginning, you see the growth of Charlotte and who she is meant to be. Ms. Purnhagen did a good job on closing all the lose ends, and giving the reader a very satisfying ending!