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Oubliette (Cloud Prophet Trilogy #2)

Oubliette - Megg Jensen This book picks up right from where it left off and I feel like I could not get enough! Immediately, the reader is thrown into a new city, new people, and a whole new batch of theories coming at you!What I loved most about this book is once again, the characters. Ms. Jensen characters have this way of keeping their real identity a secret, them BAM! Explode in your face. I loved reading the descriptions and emotions of the characters. Ms. Jensen creates her characters with such secrecy that you don't know who they really are until they choose to reveal themselves. Sometimes a good guy and others times a bad guy. As the reader, I like that., I enjoy the thrill of what the characters is really hiding.The plot line of course follows Reychel from the first book in fulfilling her destiny. There are more betrayals, more secrets exposed and much more fight. I loved that Reychel really had to make a big declension and decide where she is going to stand. Ms. Jensen's unique take on Reychel and the growth of the character leave the reader happy. The reader sees Reychel struggles but also see's her grow strong in who she is.The love interest is good, but I was hoping for a little more insight on both the characters. There is still a lot going on the in the main plot line that there really isn't time for their love to grow. Still, I enjoyed the bits and pieces that Ms. Jensen gives to the reader.The Cloud Prophecy Trilogy is a great book of love and definement. Reychel makes some hard decisions for a future she doesn't know. The ending of the book leaves an wide door of possibilities. I am anxious and excited to see how it is all going to end!