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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

The Way We Fall

The Way We Fall - Megan Crewe I can tell that right when I started this book, that the way it captured me that I knew I liked it. This book is so much different that what I've read in other books. Most books I read about this particular plot line, it's always about survival. In this book, it is just not only about survival, but about the life around it. I enjoyed reading the book, seeing Kaelyn's struggle for the her life and the one's that she loves.Kae is normal teenager caught in the midst of a terrible disease going around. One thing that is in this book that I like is how the main characters is connected to the virus. Kae struggles with lots of death, uncertainty in what she can do, and what her future will be like. I like seeing the frustration of Kae. It made the her much more likeable because she seems so real to the reader.Of course this book carries a plot line that I always enjoy reading. A virus spreading so fast, no one can stop it. The government blocking off the island from the rest of the world along with phones, internet, tv, etc. It was like the government knew there is no way to stop it but plug it up and let it die. I felt so bad for the healthy people just trying to survive. Ms. Crewe created such great tension in the book. I adored that way the people went crazy, breaking into stores, fighting over food and medicine. The animalistic traits came out in those fighting for their life. The overtaking of hospital, innocent people dying...Ms.Crewe's world of death and disease brought out a horrible nature in people. This is why this book so great to read. To be able to fill the shoes of Kae and see things through her eyes is amazing.The love interest in this book felt so right. Even though timing is all wrong (the virus and all) the little peace in this book of seeing two characters share of love through all of the death is perfect. I adore the relief of stress when they come together. It's as if everything is normal once again. No one savaging the streets, no killing over food, just love and innocence. I really like how these characters did some major growing up. They took things in stride in what needed to be done.This is a great book of a virus over running a small island with no one to help. Kae is amazing character who I hope I can be if ever such a incident were to ever occur in the real world. Dark times come in Kae world and she survived, can you?