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Reflection (Reflection #1)

Reflection (Reflection #1) - Jessica Roberts This is an great story! I like that stories like this get so in depth with emotions and time!So, the part that I enjoyed most about the story, is when Heather wakes up. I really like her searching her mind for clues, lost pieces of what is and what is not. Though, the reader doesn't get much of Heather in the present tense, but more of the past tense, For me, the present tense is much more emotional. The confusion and anger that she bears really spun me for a ride!The love interest is okay but not completely set. Oh, it may seems like it, but I have a strong feeling that in the next book the author is going to through a fast one on the reader. Heather is a type a girl who won't let things go. And that frustrates me! I mean really CHICK! Really!Now, my only gripe about this book is the switching back and forth from past to present tense. Just when I am getting use to being in one period the author changes to another. Not to mention that it just landed on you. One minute past, the next BOOM!, the present. Even though I did like going back and forth, I felt the transition was too much. Know what I mean?Reflection is a wonderful start to a great series. Vivid and life-like, the reader gets a great in-depth view of being in Heather's shoes. The reader gets a good sense of the plot pacing allowing the reader to immerse themselves in the authors writing. Blending a real life situations, it doesn't take long for the reader to get caught up inn moments. Reflection is awesome.