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Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson Series #7)

Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs Alright, after waiting for a long time for this book, I must say that it lived up to every one of my expectations. I loved that in this book the reader gets more of Adam and of course, more of minor characters.A few points I must list:Asil is involved.Not one, but TWO chapters in Adam's povMercy being stronger than everVampire'sOverall, this book rocked. I really loved that Asil played a bigger role. When he showed up on the scene, I couldn't help but let excitement fill every part of me. Cris-crossing worlds with different characters definitively gave this book a unique twist.Mercy and Adam's relationship is blooming beautifully. Mercy is still her good ole self and well Adam, just gets pulled along for the ride. They have cute flirty moments as well as dangerous, rash ones. But one things that remains constant is their love and loyalty to each other. And that folks, it the icing on the cake.More involvement with the vampires brings more craziness to the story. I really like the way the plot played out with politics. I think Ms. Briggs brings a powerful stance when it comes to putting more depth in the plot than what the reader sees.In the end, I'm a very happy camper who is Very excited to read the next book. I can not wait to see what crazy adventure Mercy brings me next. Until then, I will wallow in the high that I have been given when reading this story. Frost Burned is a sensational piece of storytelling that I can never get over. Generating a mixture of romance and adventure, Frost Burned is delightful.