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Bitter Blood (Morganville Vampires Series #13)

Bitter Blood - Rachel Caine It feels so good to be walking down the street of Morganville. The taste of the coffee, the blood mobiles driving by, it never ceases to amaze me of how quickly I fall into this series as if I never left. Meeting up with Claire and the glass gang once again, I adored every step in her shoes.As always with vampires it's always a power play. It's no surprise that once again Morganville is under attack and this time it's happening all under the nose of Amelie. I have to admit that the plot of the story runs a bit deeper than what I thought. Amelie is getting played and Claire is finding the culprit to stop the damage that is being done. There are several plot twist that made my heart ache. Claire is always saving others only to have it bite her right in the butt! I mean really!!! C'mon! Throw me a freaking bone here!The love interest. Oh boy, you don't want to get me started there. All I can say is,"Seriously Shane? Really? After all that she has done it's like that!" And "Micheal, I'm so sorry." And "Eve, please don't blame them."If I say anymore that I'd be giving away spoilers. Know this, that Ms. Caine takes it up a notch when it comes your heart and emotions. There are lies, ultimate betrayals all leading up to a powerful ending I can not contain. The beginning may be a bit slow but do not be fooled. It will get hard to read as the power play unravels itself in front of the reader. And when it does, you will not be able to look away...Bitter Blood indeed leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. The changes in the plot and characters are not good ones leading up to BIG decisions. I thought I had seen and read it all when it came to Ms. Caine. She once again, left me utterly speechless with the impressive storytelling of The Morganville Vampires. Bitter Blood leaves the reader painfully aware that the end is coming and when it does, it will not be good. A successful story that you don't want to miss, Bitter Blood is a must read.