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Dead Is Not An Option (Dead Is, #5)

Dead Is Not An Option (Dead Is, #5) - Marlene Perez I am really sad to see this series go. I have read every single book and loved it. I know that this series is not a popular one, I really wish more people knew about this series because it is good! I love characters, the plots, and the town.Through the series I have seen Daisy grow. Not only as a person but as a friend, girlfriend, daughter and a learning psychic. She has gone above anything else, putting everyone else before her self. She helped out people when they needed it and she has been there. Daisy is one character I would love to have as a best friend. She is friendly, loyal, and above all nice.I really enjoyed this book because I finally learned the secret at the end. Through the series, we see Daisy struggle to found out who is in charge of The Scrounge. A secret society hell bent on killing the paranormals in Nightshade. Daisy has solved case after case involving other paranormals deaths or attacks. I am glad that she figured out the leader and put a final stop the that hateful society.I am sad to see certain characters go as I have come to like those characters very much. Ms. Perez definitely did a great job trying up all loose ends and giving the story a happy ending. At first I was worried but I knew she would end the book on a good note.The Dead Is series is a great series that everyone should read. It fun, dark, adventurous and has that great paranormal touch that everyone will love.