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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

If I Die (Soul Screamers Series #5)

If I Die - Rachel Vincent Will the real author please stand up? I mean really. If I could give an award for Best Author of the Year, I give to Ms. Rachel Vincent. Not because I am sucking up to her, but for real, her writing is amazing. So amazing that it will burn you with pure awesomeness! I admit that it took me so time to gather up the guts to read this book. Why? I was scared. Why? Let's just say that Ms. Vincent writing is so good, I was scared to read it. I had know idea where she take me next in her writing world, but I knew it would be one hell of a ride. And of course, like always, Ms. Vincent presented a ride I would never forget.As I began this book, my heart raced. I was excited to see what would happen to my favorite characters and where they be going next. I don't want to spoil everything so I am going to keep this review short. Should you read it. Hell-to-the-YES! Read it now! I can say that this book has many changes it. Some good and some bad. All the characters come to a point of enlightenment and change within themselves. I never thought I would feel sorry for some characters. Ms. Vincent writing gives the reader a whole new insight on certain aspects to the characters. Ms. Vincent pulls the reader immediately within her world drowning them. Could I breathe? No. My breathe was short and fast. Somehow, I managed to make it out alive after this book. LOL!As always, Ms. Vincent creates a great plot line. The plot pacing is right on target as well as the characters. My emotions swirled within this book and I may have shed a few tears.If I Die is a book that no reader can put down. Ms. Vincent writing is so smooth you won't realize that you are at the end of the book till its over. The plot, the characters, the emotions, are written beautifully. Carefully chosen exquisite words, brings the reader to a place they never thought they be.