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The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies Series #2)

The Power of Six - Pittacus Lore I loved the first book and I loved the movie. This book, did lived up to what I was waiting for and more. The reader this time see the other numbers. This book is told from Six's point of view, Four's and Seven's. The author also threw in some new changes, elements, and just Wow'ed me from the very first page.So, Six. Did I mention how much I like this girl? The reader gets to get into the head of Six and see where she came from, who her guardian was, etc. I love that Six is strong and well adapted. Traveling along with Four and his best friend Sam, Six is a girl like no other. She fights, makes plans, maps, and goes to aid of Number Seven. Six doesn't let anyone slow her down. She knows what she needs to do and does it.Seven. I loved this girl as well. Raised completely different, Seven is fighting a whole new battle of her own. She struggles with being bullied and ignored. I can't tell you how proud I was of her when she finally stood up to her guardian, for herself. I was like," YOU Go GIRL! Tell her how it is!" I was so hyped reading the book that I was jumping in my seat!Four. Oh Boy, don't even get me started. More drama with Sara (UGH!) and Sam. I'm not going to get into everything cause I don't want to spoil, but just know that there is some major drama, unexpected twist that I was very ANGRY about. I mean seriously? I have no idea what will happened now, but its good drama that you will get into. All of the numbers are still fighting the aliens, traveling to and from places. Sam plays a bigger role than ever. I like that the reader learns more with what happened to his father.The Power of Six definitely has power to captivate me into the reading the next book. Some parts of the story totally caught me off guard but nonetheless I enjoyed it. A well written fabulous book, it is a divine book that will capture readers everywhere!