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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

Shadow of the Moon (Dark Guardian Series #4)

Dark Guardian #4: Shadow of the Moon - Rachel Hawthorne This book again blew me away. It was so intense, I even got angry, had to put the book down then come back to it later. Hayden is curse with feeling every ones emotions. Sometimes she needs to leave in order to make her feel better. She meets Daniel who is a new arrival at their sanctuary. Daniel is dark and mysterious and is holding a secret.Hayden and Daniel have an instant connection. During this time, Hayden begins to wonder where he really came from and if he is who he says he is. She doesn't see him shift. In she never does. At first she thought he was human and can't shift at all. Then she finds out what he really is.Hayden is being chase by a Harvester. A nasty creature bent on eating her. She turns to help from Daniel, who seems to know a lot about these things. During their time of getting to know each other, Daniel finally grows comfortable enough to tell her his secret. He is not a werewolf but a panther! Hayden is surprised by this knowledge. She finds out that Daniel's people and family have been wiped out by Harvesters and came to the shifter sanctuary to find a way to kill it. His mother told him to go there for help. Daniel thought it was a place for all shifters, not just werewolf.They run into more drama and this is were Hayden really ticked me off. She betrayed him! In the moment that Daniel needed her the most, in order to save her own butt she reveals to the consul that Daniel is not only who he says he is but a panther! Daniel is immediately hurt and angry at her betrayal. The council has no other choice but to lock Daniel up seeing that he deceive them all. And what does Hayden do? Instead of sticking up for the guy she supposedly loves she just lets them take him away as if he was really going to hurt them. UGH!!Oh and this part gets me even more angry. In the end, being the nice guy Daniel is. He forgives her and takes her back. After she betrayed him, she is immediately almost killed by the Harvester. Daniel hears her cries, breaks out of the cage, goes after to save her. Let me tell you, if it was me, I would have left her there. She can save herself! But no, Daniel rushes out, save her and forgives her.Sigh, this was a great book. I loves the twist to the plot, the betrayal thing totally got me, let me tell ya. But this book was a great read, easy and fast. I would really like another shifter book to come out soon. There was some underage drinking in the book. Other than that, the book was clean.