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Before I Wake (Soul Screamers Series #6)

Before I Wake - Rachel Vincent I have never avoided a book like a plague. But this book, I avoided. Whenever I would walk into my library to choose book to read, I swear it would stare right at me, taunting me. I'm serious. I would intentionally ignore it and look away cause the minute I gave in, I was doomed. Finally, I gave in. And yes, I'm doomed now...It's not that this book is bad. It's the exact opposite. Freaking AWESOME! I avoided it for two reasons. The first being that if I read it right away, the longer I have to wait for the next book. And when it comes to Rachel Vincent books, I'm as impatient as a spoiled kid. I WANT THE NEXT BOOK NOW!The second, Sabine pisses me off! The chick can get under my skin by just the mention of her name and she is not even real! Do you know how insane that is? That a person who doesn't even exist ticks me off so badly. *SMH* Told you I was doomed....The plot is great! Just like her other books, it's filled with non-stop action, lots of plot twist and turns. I like how nicely the turn of events changes things. Kaylee has grown so much along with her father and friends. And of course once again, Kaylee has thrown herself into the fiery pits of hell to save the ones that she loves.The love interest is the best part of this book. Kaylee has found someone that she loves and trusts. You can really tell the difference of peace that floats around her when she is with him. He gives Kaylee just whats she needs when she needs it most. He always has her back and follows along with whatever trouble she finds herself in... Did I mention that this girl is a magnet for trouble?Before I Wake is an awesomely amazing book. I can see why I avoided it. Cause now that I am done with it and with the way that it ended, I now have to wait three tortuous months to read the conclusion. Am I happy about this? HELL NO! There's no denying a good book when you've read one. Rachel Vincent continues to awe her readers with her ambitious writing. Before I Wake is the beginning of the end in a series that I have fell in love with since book one. It's awesome. Relentless. A story like no other. Oh hell, just read the book!!