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Review: The Murder Complex

The Murder Complex - Lindsay Cummings

Super excited to read this debut, I read it in just a few hours. I really loved the movement of the plot and the setting.

Plot: Since I have not read an dystopian book in a while, I thought it was time to dive into one. I have heard many good things about this book and yes, it was very good. The plot is in the future where a disease has ravaged the human race. A cure was found but not without consequences. Now all humans are traced through a system. That system is more complex than what the reader ever thought. One thing I enjoyed with the plot is the following the bread crumbs to more information. I love that the author didn’t divulge information right away, but slowly gave the reader bits and pieces of it.

The initiative: I really like this aspect of the story. The story of the disease, the cure and what other stuff the scientist has done is crazy good. If your the type of reader who like science as well as experiments, you will definitely get into the story.

Irony: I think this book has quite of bit of irony in it. The heroine is more than what we thought as well as the guy. I love the aspect of what they were created for and the secrets at the end. It kept me well on the edge of my seat!

Overall, this is a great story. The Murder Complex is vivid yet entertaining. As the story unfolds, The Murder Complex captures the reader with a riveting plot and high action.