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Review: This Is How It Ends

This Is How It Ends - Jen Nadol

I really enjoyed this story. The whole concept of seeing the future through binoculars is so exciting!

Plot: This is about a group of kids who, while playing in the woods finding a pair of binoculars. Upon looking into the binoculars, they see a brief look into the future. This alone excites me. I mean, I wonder what I would see if I looked into it. Good or bad? Honestly, I’m not sure that I even want to look. The future is uncertain and a tad bit scary. Anywho, this plot rocks. It’s well paced with plenty of drama to keep the reader entertained.

Binoculars: These binoculars made me wonder. Where did they come from? Can you see more of the future if you continue to look in? What else can they do? All this and more flowed through my head as I devoured the story. I loved that all characters played a part  in each others future. Some good/bad. Each characters also held information to their future that they didn’t share. Throughout reading the story, I was anxious knowing somehow their futures were and  how they affect each other.

Ending: Well, that ending certainly surprised me. I wasn’t expecting such a revelation but man oh man. The information that flowed out of the pages just reeled me in even more. I totally loved how my suspensions were right. The futures impacted each other more than what I thought. It was an great and well written ending!!

I really enjoyed this story. I can only hope that there will be a novella or possibly a second book to determined their future. The ending does leave it open for more. If you love a good mystery, supernatural story read this book.

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