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Review: Between The Spark and The Burn

Between the Spark and the Burn - April Genevieve Tucholke

Alright since I enjoyed the first book I really wanted to keep following the story. For me the story was okay but it didn’t catch me the way the first book did.

Plot: The plot of this book pretty much was the same as the first with some slight difference. The love interest has left and the main character Violet spends her day thinking and pining away for him of course till he makes an appearance. I didn’t really like the plot cause it was what was in the first book. I was hoping to have a bit more detail but this book seems to be nothing but relationship drama.

Relationships: Because this book focuses more on Violet, the reader does get to know her more. I have to say that I’m a bit upset at this girl. She starts to questions her every emotion and even starts to like a new guy. For which she begins to say she doesn’t like him but still kisses him, thinks about him, etc. Really she was going back and forth with her emotions making me annoyed.

Ending: In the end, the reader is left with more questions and Violet still has not made up her mind. She is like in limbo and that ending is not very settling to me. I expected more action.

Overall, this book is not what I expected. It’s still a good story, but I was hoping for more growth of the plot/character development.

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