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Review: The Art Of Lainey

The Art of Lainey - Paula Stokes

This is a super cute and fun read. I got sad but also laughed and smiled at all the emotions that were running through me.

Plot: So this girl Lainey  just lost her boyfriend and her friend gets her to use The Art Of War to win him back. In between that, she uses another guy friend to help her but with love and war, nothing ever goes as expected. I truly enjoyed this story. I think the idea of trying to win a guy back using war tactics is pretty funny. At times, it seems like Lainey knows what she is doing then it doesn’t go to plan. Love is never what we want it to be so Lainey learns and grows a lot through the story.

Love/Friendships: Throughout the story Lainey learns a lot about herself. She realizes all the things her ex-boyfriend said to her and begins to questions why she evens wants him back. She creates great friendships with other people who show her that she is worth more than that ex-boyfriend.  She also ends up falling in love and soon begins to see that love is unexpected.

Ending: YAY! I so loved the ending! I thought it was just the right touch to such a dramatic story. At first you have Lainey doing her best to win her ex back and then she just lets go…moves on. It’s so incredibly sweet.

If you are looking for a sweet romance read this book. The Art Of Lainey is an delightful read full of twist and turns to keep the reader entertained. Sweet and sensational, The Art Of Lainey is great.

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