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Review: Embers & Ash

Embers & Ash - T.M. Goeglein

Finally the last and finally book and WOOHOO, did I ever enjoy it. I really love the buildup of this series and the way it ends…absolutely perfect.


Plot: This story picks up where the last book left off and Sara is gearing up for the final battle. She is piecing together her family history seamlessly and vastly learning everything she can. Sara is just steps away from saving herself but at times I wonder who will save her? This plot builds up nicely with so much action to fight scenes to much drama that ensnares the reader till the end.


Mafia: I really loved the history on this part. Over the course of both books Sara has leaned much about her family and their secrets. She sees the fight that lays ahead of her but she is also very determined to win. I like that in her. The fight to control, to keep going. This girl is tough yet resilient. The connections that her family has leads to ever more drama. The struggle for power between families, wealth, and most of all the “ultimate power”. I anxiously read this book waiting for the answers.


Ending: If you ask me, the last chapters in the book are DA BOMB! Sara has done everything she can to save her family, she served her dues and now its time to move on. *LIGHTBULB* Sara comes up with a  brilliant plan and WOO it made me giggle and get butterflies in my tummy. Sara, you are amazing!! The way the story ended, is like Sara kicked all those mafia guys to the curb. And they didn’t even have time to BLINK! LOL.


If your into action-packed yet history filled story read this series. The characters grow wonderfully throughout the series and every question that the reader might have is answered. The motives, the mafia and the “ultimate power” all capture the reader till the very last page. Embers & Ash is awesome.

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