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Review: Wings

Wings - Elizabeth  Richards

Finally reading this conclusion, I can now say how much I really enjoyed the series. The ending is exciting yet full of revelations for the reader to enjoy.


Plot: So if you have not read this series give it a go. It’s exciting with a lot of drama and action pack with on the run fights to keep your heart racing. The plot picked up right where the last book left off, introducing the reader to the past. I love it when the reader gets more information from the past. It’s like a history lesson on why certain things happen. And let me tell you that Wings offers some pretty scary skeletons. With each new chapter to the past, a new door of why’s are answered. And it of course only left me wanting more.


Relationships: There are some parts of the story that give the reader lots to look forward too. There are so many secrets that are exposed, the reasons behind people’s actions and just ahhh. I don’t want to give it all away but I can tell you that this story is so exciting. Every person is connected somehow to the past and all because of a relationship.


Ending: The ending is satisfying. I really like how the author brought the story together. She did a great job bringing in the past piece by piece as well as the present to help the readers understand the end. There are some sacrifices that had my heart on my throat but OMG its awesome.


Overall, this series is pretty good. It had my attention the whole way through the story and paved a way for a great reading adventure. Wings is a fantastic ending.


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