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Review: Biggest Flirts

Biggest Flirts (The Superlatives) - Jennifer Echols

This is the first time that I read a book that has a plot around band. More specifically, a drum-line.


Plot: This is about a girls who is the head of the drum-line and meets a guys awkwardly at a party. Tia is very smart yet she plays down herself. She purposely will throw a challenge or even get bad grades. I like this plot but it dealt a lot with music and Tia’s future. I felt like this story really focused on Tia who’s fear is in her future. She is so scared to have anything good that she lets go of it first.


Friendship/Love: Because of her fear of the future, Tia is not one for relationships. She takes them as is, uses them for a time being and then is done. She is very open about it as well. At first, this bothered me cause I felt like Tia wasn’t allowing herself to feel. Then Will walked into her life. He changed it all cause he cause her to feel something more. She ignored it but once she realized that it is okay to have something good, she went for it.

Ending: Ending is cute and what I thought it would be. I hoping to read the next book in the series. I’m exited to see how the series will progress.


Overall, this is a great book. I really enjoyed Tia’s story and hope that the rest of the stories will be just as good. Biggest Flirts is awesome.

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