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Review: Conressions Of A Vampire's Girlfriend

Confessions of a Vampire's Girlfriend - Katie MacAlister, Katie Maxwell

To be honest, I picked this book up during my whole vampire obsessed phase. It sat on my shelf after the phase ended and while digging through my book pile, I found it. I remembered why i picked it up. The title. Confessions. I wanted to know what confessions. So I dived in.


Plot: What you should first know is that this book carries two small stories. The first is called “Got Fangs?” and this story is the beginning of Ben and Fran. They met unexpectedly and before you know, their lives are changed. Then there is,”Circus Of The Darned” and this is a second short story of Ben and Fran, on solving a mystery/adventure. Both stories are short due to the fact that these stories lead up the the adult novel, In The Company Of  Vampires. From reading both stories and finishing them pretty quickly I can tell you that I’m definitely interested in reading the adult book cause I want to know how it ends.


Ben/Fran: Their relationship begins rocky. Fran is taken back by Ben and does not like the fact that she is his,”beloved.” She wants to be a teen and live her life. Which I can totally understand. Still, they became great friends.


Ending: I think Ben and Frans stories does cut off short which is why I’m tempted to read the adult novel.  I want to know that they end well and together.


This is good book. I really getting to know these characters and hoping  can read their final adventure soon. Confessions Of A Vampire’s Girlfriend is great.

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