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Review: Sleep No More

Sleep No More - Aprilynne Pike

This is one author that I know I can expect great stories from. Unique and exciting, this story gave me thrills!


Plot: This is about a girl who comes from a lines of oracles. She has been taught to not fall in any of premonitions and to ignore all possibilities of changing the future. But what if that is wrong? What if you can change the future with the help of someone who can amplify your powers? I found this plot extremely enticing. Every turn of the chapter lead to the plot thickening and man I knew the ending was going to be sweet. The plot also unravels nicely along with the past. Charlotte has been told,”don’t do this and don’t do that.” Taking that first step into rebellion, makes the plots even more fun to read.


Friendships: Because Charlotte is an oracle she doesn’t have many friend. In the story she does befriend a guy who becomes more to her throughout the story. I enjoy their friendships as it did develop pretty quickly. But I can see it developing fast since Charlotte has no idea how to handle it all. It was like she was sneaking around, using her powers and this boy just falls into her lap. Watching her be someone who is not caged in gives the reader the insight of who Charlotte really is.


Ending: Remember how I said the ending would be sweet? Well it is! I love how the author did a great job tying things up at the end. It meshed nicely with the past and brought in a few minor characters (who I didn’t think it would be) to light. It was like, the whole picture clicked nicely together for me to see and acknowledge with a gasp. Awesome.


This is a great book! It has great adventure and mystery to it that will keep you entertained till the end. Sleep No More is an enchanting tale.

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