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Review: Aces Up

Aces Up - Lauren Barnholdt

This story totally reminds of the movie 21. It follow the similar line except without the whole teamwork aspect.


Plot: This is about a girl who is taking matters into her own hands. Young and smart, Shannon needs money for college. After taking a job, she discovers someone who can help her make more money than she ever in thought…in gambling. I found this story particular interesting because it feels exciting knowing that a groups has a game plan to win money. The plot moves fairly quickly after the initial gambling starts and the real fun begins.


Love/Friendships: I have to say that this part disappointed me a little. Of course Shannon wold fall for the top notch gambler and not the guy right in front of her. I felt like she juggled both relationships backwards. She used her friend for cover stories and stuff and was an idiot around the other guy. Luckily for her, she got brains and began to use them. Things change and I felt like it was okay afterwards.


Ending: After all the secrecy, Shannon learns some secrets and finally gets her heard on straight. And despite all the illegal stuff she did, she managed to get out okay. I think it ended on an okay note. It was something that I expected.


Overall, this is a good book. I really enjoyed the rush of gambling at the table and hiding it from others. I don’t think I ever had guts to do such a thing like that, but man those people are not only smart but wicked good at what they do. Aces Up is a fun exciting read!

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