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Review: Briar Rose

Briar Rose - Jana Oliver

I love, love, love this author! I think she did a fantastic job in bringing a whole new twist to a classic tale.


Plot: This is about a girl who is cursed to sleep when a spell goes horribly wrong. Briar must fight this spell not only on her body but in her mind. I think that the way this story moved from the vagueness to knowing what is happening really help me enjoy the story more. The story is introduced with not much to go on but it leads a trail of crumbs to follow and you can’t help but eat every single one.


Friendship/Love: Because of this curse it has cause a feud between two families. In turn, both kids are suffering at the hands of the parents. I felt like this part of the story really gives the reader that rush. Two kids who grew up so closely to only be torn apart without any knowledge of what really happened. The parents kept the kids in the dark and made their lives…well miserable. When they finally came to know, they fought for each other. And I adore it. I loved them getting to know each other and forgetting everything else around them. It’s like, they didn’t care what their parents thought. They were saving each other no matter what.


Ending: Despite them fighting the curse, both Briar and her boyfriend must fight others as well…like their parents and themselves. They have been told not to talk to each other, not to do this or that, that they are constantly fighting a battle for their hearts and trust. In the end, despite all the went down, both set aside everything for love…and WON!


I adore this book. It simple swept me off my feet!! I just knew the minute I read the first chapter that I stepped into something different. Briar Rose carries a unique tale that plays out deep in the mind. One that is satisfying and awesome. Briar Rose rocks!

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