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Review: Burn Out

Burn Out - Kristi Helvig

Okay, after reading several contemporary reads, I thought it was time for some sci-fi adventure!


Plot: This story is set in the future and it moves pretty fast. From chapter one it moves fast to lots of action and drama. I have to admit that since it did begin pretty fast it gave me a adrenaline rush. I yearned to know more of the world, of what her father was hiding, of who these friends or rather foes are.


Family/Friends: Tora is who heck of a gal. She has a lot of knowledge due to her father and is looking for peace. I like that Tora is strong and fierce. She doesn’t trust most people and watches people closely. In other words, I really liked this girl. She is one person who I would friend right away.


Ending: It shocked me. I thought about half-way through I knew what was happening and then, it changed. WOW, dude. Seriously, I did not expect that and I’m hoping that on the next book there is some explanation as to what exactly happened.


If you want a fast paced, futuristic read, check this book out. It will give you the epic fights, the fast running for your life and more of all an adventure in space. Burn Out is awesome.

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