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Review: Body & Soul

Body & Soul - Stacey Kade

Alright. I read another book that I had on my shelf for the longest time. And finally…I can say. YES! I adored it!


Plot: This story follows what has happening in the first two books, so if you haven’t read the series, go now and read it. So this plot moves pretty fast with Alona and Will. They got their everyday life down to a routine and it’s up to them to fix what is wrong. Alona and Will have come a long way. They figured out some pretty tricky stuff but also have grown a lot along the way.


Friendship/Love: I love how well these two have gotten to know one another. At first, they were on each other nerves and now, they need each other. They have learned to depend on one another and trust on another. Once I was getting more towards the end, my heart began to race more. I wanted them to find a way to be together but also to be at peace.


Ending:  I think the ending is very fitting. Both Alona and Will have fought hard to get where they are at and to see them happy… its awesome!!


Overall, I adore this series. It has great growth from start to finish. Both characters have learn quite a bit about one another and despite them being so different, they fell in love. Body & Soul is great!

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