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Review: All That Glows

All That Glows - Ryan Graudin

A fairy book. I hadn’t read a book that contained fairies or a world that has fairies in it so I picked up this book. Surprisingly, it held me interest more than what I thought.


Plot: This is about fairies who protect the royal line to protect their magic. They need their human line in order to stay alive. With technology gaining speed, fairies are dying out and need the royal line to survive. Unfortunately, some fairies don’t think otherwise. I really liked this plot. I like that it gave a good background to fairies and the royal line. I even liked the drama of protecting the royal line and why they had to do it.


Love/Friendship: This is the part that is iffy for me. The love interest felt like an ints a-love. One minute she meets him and the ext BAM! She can’t stay away from him. I really wanted more of a relationship (which did happen but more at the end.) For me, I think if the friendship built up a bit more slowly instead of the prince being a drunk, I would of liked it a bit more.


Emry: I admire this fairy. I adore her fierceness to protect her kind and the royal line. I like that she set aside everything for others and hardly thought of herself. In fact, I wanted her to think more of what she wanted then what everyone else wants.  She has good gut instinct that lead her to where she needed to be.


Overall, this is well written fun read. It was a bit different than what I expected but that is good. It kept me on my toes. All That Glows carries a compelling storyline till the end. All That Glows is great.

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