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Review: Arcadia Falls

Arcadia Falls - Kai Meyer

I’m always sad when series ends. And this one I’m sad to see go. I think the way the series progressed and the how it ended was good.


Plot: This plot follows what has been happening since the first book. The clan’s are gearing up and choosing sides for a war. People are betraying people and others are dying. I think this plot is full of excitement and really doesn’t stray the reader. If anything, the reader is captivated by all the fighting, the non-stop drama and SECRETS!


Family Secrets: Okay, this part I was the most excited about. I have read so much about Rose’s life that when things were FINALLY coming to light it was like,”OMG!” The author made it easy for the reader to piece together all the info and for me, it gave me a huge adrenaline rush.


Ending: The ending is great! It did go down a road I certainly didn’t expect but it didn’t push me away either. In fact, I felt more intrigued once things started to look clear. I like that it went back in history. The reader has a chance to travel the world and visit unique places and most importantly, go back to where it all started.


This is great ending to an awesome series. I have never read one like this series before and I’m honored that I and a chance to read it and enjoy it. Answering all my questions and ending brilliantly, Arcadia Falls is great!

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