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Review: The Last Forever

The Last Forever - Deb Caletti

Given the chance I read Deb Caletti books all day. Her books are so well written and have so much in store for the reader! I just love them


Plot: This is about a girl who’s life is changed in an instance. Nothing seems the same so her dad drives her across country on a whim. I can tell you that this story pulls you in immediately. You feel the plot so sad, so wanting to break out of the mold. The plot moves at a steady pace allowing the reader the right moments to immerse themselves in the story. I felt compelled to follow, to know, to help them grieve in their life.


Family: One thing I loved about this book is that is has to deal with family. Family is big part of everyone’s life and when something throws it off, the whole story turns into an adventure. I loved Tessa’s thoughts and her character. She is quite grown up for her age and really thrives to do something for her mom. I also enjoyed reading about her dad and her relationship with him. It seem realistic and really put the story and their background into perspective.


Ending: Finding peace or rather learning how to deal with the changes is a big part of this book. So many changes left and right, you have to wonder if Tessa and her dad, will learn to deal with it. I can see that they definitely needed a change. And this change, no matter how drastic, did help them in the end.


This is a great story about love and loss. The climatic chases and drive across country puts the reader firmly into the characters shoes. There are even minor characters who played bigger parts then I never expected. The Last Forever is a fantastic read!

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