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Review: Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

I adore this author! When I found out that she was writing another book, I knew immediately that it was something I wanted to read ASAP.


Plot: This is about a girl who faces trouble in relationships. The plot moves at a steady pace enough for the reader to enjoy it. I was absolutely giddy about reading it. Everything flowed nicely from one chapter to the next and was explained well. I didn’t at all feel bored or feel lost. I felt like I was solidly in the characters shoes, experiencing everything as they were.


Love: This is the area of trouble. I don’t like cheating and this book takes a big chunk of it. These two becomes friends right after Syndey goes through relationship trouble. Right from the start, they hit it off. They are best of friends. Then they fall for each other. I can see how they can be perfect for each other but…(I may get some heat for this) but they cheated!! No matter how off the other relationship was, they should have stop it. Then again, I could say he just wasn’t right for her and they weren’t married so… all is fair in love and war!


Ending: Nevertheless, I still adored the book. I think the author did an amazing job in emphasizing the emotions of what could have been. The emotions of longing and breaking relationships. The emotions of letting go cause the timing is just not right. The emotions of waiting for the one that you love.


Maybe Someday captures the reader right away with an insightful read. It stretches beyond normal relationships and makes the reader question, what if? What if they had a chance? Where would they be? A fantastic read, Maybe Someday is an breathless adventure you won’t forget.

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