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Review: Frozen

Frozen - Erin Bowman

Since I LOVED the first book sooooo much, I just knew I had to read this one. It certainly was what I expecting plus more!


Plot: The plot picks up where the last book left off and boy it is intense!! There is lots of actions, plenty of mystery and the never ending drama of friends and lovers. The plot does move quite fast at times but then at some points it slows down. It gave the reader plenty of stuff to look forward to and it always kept me on my toes.


Love/Friendship: GAH! This is the part that frustrated me the most but also captured me the most. In most YA books you always see the girl jumping between two guys. This time its the other way around. You have Grey who is torn between the girl who he has known his whole life and the girl who is strong enough to be at his side. I half to admit I never like the girl next door. To me she seemed to…idk Nice? Simple? Safe? Now the other girl is one I like. She is strong, confident and always truthful. I liked her because I can relate to her. It was like she was me! Whatever I thought while reading the story, she would think.


Ending: The ending is pretty hard to take in but you know what? Just like Grey took his time making his decision, giving her the run around, its time for him to do the running. I smirked where I read that line cause,”I KNEW IT!” Why? Heck, I would have done the same thing. Ain’t nobody going through all the stuff just to get out through it again.


This book is great! I adored it and loved how well the characters grew and learn more about their environment. I can not wait to read the next book just to see what is really happening with the cities. I’m anxious and excited to have read this book. Frozen is an excellent sequel that can not be forgotten.

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