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Review: Sunrise

Sunrise - Mike Mullin

This is the last book in the Ashfall series and I’m super sad to see it end. From the moment I read Ashfall, I just knew I was in for an adventure of a lifetime.


Plot: One thing I really enjoy about this story is that the plot line is relatable. Every chapter that is written is well executed to detail. The reader is able to feel a wide range of emotions. Most importantly it feels as if you are in the story. The fight for survival, the fear of looking for food, savages, and sickness all makes this story come to life.

Love/Friendships: There are lots of relationships in the book that are define. Some with towns people who have a strong impact of the future, some with not so good people who are greedy and some that are important to Alex that he will sacrifice everything to keep it. Alex has grown up so much over a short period of time. When I was reading this I wanted him to just be kid. But when you living in this kind of world, that is nearly impossible.


Survival: Another great aspect of this story is the fight for survival. They go through seasons where they have food and then they are starving. Then sickness goes around. Then fights break out. New people show up. It’s all so fascinating that once you are in the story it really hard to get out it.


Ending: I think this ending fits the story perfectly. It’s not a perfect happily ever after but they are making. I would love for the author *wink wink* to do a novella. I like to see where the characters are doing after a few years.


If you like a wicked cool story that is more realistic dystopian, then read this series. With each turn of the page, Sunrise comes to life before your eyes. A story that is creative and constructed in a dark world, Sunrise is amazing.

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