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Review: Spirit

Spirit - Brigid Kemmerer

Before I get started on this review, I was supposed to review this book last year. For some reason, I read the book but never posted a review. So, here it is.


Plot: Once again, this author has amazed me. I love this plot and the way it move. So much action yet filled with just the right touch of emotion. I think this story has so much more than what I thought. It really captured me and held me in the book.


Hunter: Just his story in general is really intriguing yet heartbreaking. I loved learning more from his point of view as well as the other brothers. I think this guy has proven himself time and again. I’m hoping that maybe one day he will had his happy ending.


Ending: This book does not end on a happy note. It ends sad yet the story is fulfilled. I can only hope that the author will release another story for Hunter or at least, give him something to make him happy. I didn’t see it ending that way. That is the reason why I held so strongly to the book.


I really love this series and I think all should read it. It’s has a great plot and characters to interest any reader. Spirit is a fabulous addition.

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