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Review: Fire

Fire: The Engelsfors Trilogy Book II - 'Sara B. Elfgren',  'Mats Strandberg'

After reading the first book, I quickly dived into this one seeing if this book moved at a better pace than the first one. I found that this book follows the first one similarly but does dive deeper into the characters plot lines.


Plot: This plot is pretty much the same as the first book, picking up were the last book left off. The reader jumps from character to characters only this time, the reader gets a little more information. I like this. The plot also moves with their powers and the discovery of a book that holds possible answers to their future. Again, this is another area in the book where I felt information was given but certainly not enough. I figured that maybe cause it is the sequel, the reader may get more info on the book when I get to the third book.


Characters: This story does move a bit slowly when it comes to the characters. I latched on to two story lines that held my interest quite a bit. Vanessa and Minoo are characters that I seem to relate to better and really got into their plot lines. There are other characters that I really could not get into, still, they all played a part in each other story.


Ending: The ending is quite dramatic with the death of a character. I was not expecting it and well it certainly peaks my interest as to what has happened to her. She is dead but not. At this point, I may pick up the third book just to see what will happen.


Overall, I felt like this story is better than the first. It’s pick up dramatically from the first book, finally giving the reader much more info. Still, like the first book, you must pay attention. There is still plenty of hopping between characters and if you are not careful, you will find yourself confused. Fire is an excellent addition.

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