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Review: Sekret

Sekret - Lindsay  Smith

This story is really good. It has plenty of action to keep you firmly in your seat.


Plot: So this is about a girl who has kept a secret for a long time. She is different, Very different and has done everything in her power to masked what she can do. Ultimately, she is caught and her family is in trouble because of her. Soon she is left with no choice but to join and find a way out. I have to tell you that this plot is very intriguing and very emotional. I like that this plot has a good build up to the end.


Love/Friendship: This area I felt like was a bit rushed due to the fact that the author focused more on her captures, family, and powers that it left this area rushed. I wish it could have been a little bit slower but it was still good. There a two guys interested in her (don't worry she her heart is set on one guy) and I like how their connected in one way or the other. Both guys carry secrets and know more things about her Yulia than she did.


Parents: I have to admit that having her family involved the whole time really made this book shine. Yulia’s parents involvement made this story much more interesting. They too kept secrets and I know at this point that there is more than what they are saying. I look forward to the next book to see where this area of the book will lead.


This is a very good debut. It carries similar patterns to another book but I still overall enjoyed it. Sekret carries much action and plenty of secrets to keep the reader entertained. Sekret is an adequate story that you won’t forget.

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